I bought a new router today

Ok, I had problems with my old router so I decided to buy a new one. Didn’t I have warranty left on my old router? I couldn’t remember when I bought it so I had to search for my invoice. I know I bought it in an on-line store but didn’t remember which one and when. I found the invoice in my mailbox and it was InWarehouse and I bought it the 10th of June 2008. I had read on D-Link’s homepage that the warranty time was 2 years. ahhhhh, I missed the warranty time with 2 days…….. Ok, no good to cry over that so I bought a new one today.

The new router, also a DIR-655, is installed and seems to work perfectly. Before I installed the new one I saved my configuration from the old router so I just had to restore it on the new router. Do you think it worked? Of course not. Don’t ask me why, probably because the old firmware version was 1.30 and the new one was 1.31. Thank you D-Link! 😉 Since the old router still worked a could easily have it side by side.

When I told Erica later today that we bought the TV, my NAS and her computer at the same time she said it could not have been in June because she remembered it was in autumn some time. When looking at the invoice a second time it was 06-10-2008, 6th of October 2008. Great, I still have warrant left so now I have two routers 🙂

Having big trouble with my broadband router

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The last couple of days my broadband connection has gone up and down. I have a D-Link DIR-655 that has worked perfectly until a couple of days ago. It seems to reboot itself now and then and it makes the whole family go crazy. I have tried to upgrade to the latest firmware and to change a few settings but with no luck. Suppose it’s time to buy a new one?

If you have any suggestions how to fix this or can give me a recommendation, just post a comment.