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Oh James *sigh

January 25, 2010 · No Comments

No haven’t found a new guy lol. Still madly in love with Sam, my man 😉
I do have this band I really like called James and I just wanted to share with you all. If you can sit and listen to one of his songs and not be moved, or realize something new about your self. or even be offended… then there is something wrong with  you lol. Here have taste. Will be trying to post some L.A. Zoo pics tomorrow for ya’ all.
James – Sit Down ~ just one of those clips that moved me, especially the end.
James – P.S. ~ just the song no video, still awesome… this guy leaves me speechless with his lyrics sometimes.
James – Say Something ~ old school type of video, but awesome song.
James – Dream Thrum ~ last one I promise, just another awesome song… kinda Pink Floyd ‘ish in a way

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January 3, 2010 · No Comments

Well Happy New Year to you all 😀

So the new year was as predicted lol. AND I gotz the pics to provez itz *snark. Sam has an aversion to horns… you know those paper horns that everyone blows in on new year, including those paper roll out horns too… so he spent most of new year hiding until we got Quinn to promise to take it easy on the tooting.  So anyone wants to take a guess on who fell asleep in Quinn’s bed at around 22:00?! I will let you guess 3 times 😉 , we did wake him up 15 min before the new year arrived though. It was an awesome New Years. Wish we were more people though, but 6 is enough. Besides, Sam and I could have probably found a party somewhere… but I would rather ring in the new year with my family and Quinn.  Another awesome thing for the new year is that I heard from Linda. Goodness I miss her. I am so horrible with keeping in touch and I suck at it and beat myself up over it all the time, but I guess it’s just one of those things I am horrible with. This year though, I will strive to balance my life a little more, and focus on all those things that truly matter… like family and friends. To all of you, near and far… I love you all and even if I don’t say it, I cherish all of you immensely. Will try to make sure I show it more often this year of 2010.

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Almost new year

December 30, 2009 · No Comments

Okay so I know that it’s not new year yet but I just kinda felt like posting, even if there is nothing really going on. Quinn got an Wii Fit for Xmas and I have been using it more then him lol. Hate/love the damn thing though. It has this test it does where it tells you your virtual age…. well I am either 32 or 43. My mom was told that her virtual age was 63, my dad was 74, and poor Sam is 42. But other then that the thing is fun like crazy fun…. you can go jogging, skiing, and all this other stuff that you could NEVER get me to do in real life. The kicker is the flying chicken thing, LOVE that one. So I have dedicated myself to loosing weight finally. Nope it’s so not a new years resolution, because I never keep those. Just going back to listening to my body, which means I am done eating breakfast cause it makes me nauseous and will eat only when I am hungry from now on. Strange thing is that as soon as I eat (hungry or not) then I am hungry all day. So I try to be good and force myself to eat breakfast even though my body is really saying ‘no thank you’ and then end up eating all day long. Well no more! From now on my body gets to tell me when what and where. So anyhow, that was all. Will post more on the new year when it’s actually the new year. Most likely we will eat very well, drink way too much, struggle to stay awake, and the first one to fall asleep  will be Thomas – the last one Quinn. LOL lets see if I am right 😉 …. toodles!

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And so this it Xmas …

December 25, 2009 · No Comments

So Xmas has come and passed for us here in SoCal. Well, that is not entirely true cause we kinda got 2 of them, on the 24th and on the 25th. Everyone celebrates one except Quinn and Sam. Quinn is going to see his dad today for his 2nd Xmas and Sam is going to see his uncle. Mom had a dizzy episode two days before Xmas which scared me a little. Told her to go to the doctor asap, just in case. She was diagnosed with an ear infection and was put on medication. She is okay though, just a little antibiotic and it will go away. But enough about that. So our Xmas was …. awesome. We all got tons of stuff, most of all Quinn though. Thank you Sweden for measurements, toys, etc 🙂 Quinn got a Wii Fit which was in use until midnight … mind you Quinn went to bed at 11 so that last hour was just us adults lol. He got movies, games, Nerf guns, Bachugan’s, more toys, clothes, etc.  Here is a run down of the day. First came the gingersnaps with names and the lussekatt. Then came the waiting and waiting, after some glogg it was FINALLY time for Kalle Ankas Jul at 2pm. The 2009 version was already online, so we are up to date. Meanwhile there are some fixing in the kitchen. Then finally when it’s all over we eat. *SIGH* and there was a lot of eating, and a lot of food…. yum yum yum. Then after crashing for at least an hour trying to digest some of that food Santa finally came… this year he was very very young but oh well who is complaining right?! After the opening of gifts it all just became a blurr. I assume it’s from some sort of Xmas food and candy overdose delerium. No worries though, we are all okay. So a Merry Xmas it was. Merry Xmas to you all.

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Decorating the tree

December 14, 2009 · No Comments

So I spent the weekend at mom and dad with Quinn and Sam. Finished all the Xmas shopping by the way *YAY*!! Mom had decorated most of the house and the lights were all up outside. LED lights are awesome but they are so bright compared to regular lights… so instead of that golden glow, there is this bright white shine. It looks very nice though. Sam got to fix my moms lawn angel, one of those things that she puts out on the lawn every year. It moves its wings back and forth and my mom loves the darn thing lol, however half of the angel didn’t light up… so mom asked Sam to fix it, and of course Sam came to the rescue. So this year (unlike last year) she has a flapping angel in the front yard that actually lights up, and she is so happy.  This weekend Quinn and morfar went and picked out a tree, and they did an awesome job. The tree was beautiful! After some issues with the lights (poor Sam to the rescue again) the tree was lit and decorated by Quinn and mormor… I put the glitter up, in case you were wondering what I was doing lol. And then all the presents were put out under the tree to the delight of Quinn. We will miss Santa Thomas this year but Quinn is really looking forward to handing out the presents to every one.  Shame on me, I didn’t get pictures of the outside but I did get some other pictures to share with you all. OH and Erica if you are reading this THANK YOU!!! Got lantern, candy, Xmas decoration stuff and I LOVED IT (Sam and Quinn too)—– HUGZ TO YOU! YOU ROCK!

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December 6, 2009 · No Comments

So here we are, another day closer to Xmas and still no clue of what to get people. Not to take into consideration that I still don’t have a job so I don’t have any money to buy stuff with.  *sigh* Oh well, I guess it will be a true Xmas this year lol. Mom asked me what I wanted and when I told her flooring she wasn’t to pleased with me…. but truly, I do want flooring… or a gift card I can buy flooring with. That would make me happy 🙂 It has been a rough year though, A LOT of stress and A LOT of stuff going on. Been struggling with bouts of depression due to everything, which has trickled out onto other areas in my life, weight gain, loss of work, financial problems… and then there are those other things that stress me out too. Like Peter and his health… I feel so helpless and so far away, I wish there was something I could do to help. Hoping that me sending thoughts to help you keep well and get better helps . Then Erica and Alexandra… it tears my heart out… if I could take your pains and make peace I would, I love you both so much, and life is too short.  Anyhow, now that I am all teary eyed and all … lets move away from that subject before I start bawling. Note to family near and far… I LOVE YOU ALL, please take care of one another.

So this Friday Quinn got an award for  CITIZENSHIP at his school. Very cool! Mom, dad, and Thomas came all the way up here to see him (suprise), and Sam went too. After that we went to our place and had pizza. Here are some pics of the event


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November 26, 2009 · No Comments

So it’s that fantastic day of the year where Turkey has the center stage. Yummy food in every direction, and pies as far as the eye can see. In joyous inspiration I decided to bake…. two loafs of soft fluffy white bread, and a chocolate mocha cheesecake.  We will see how it all tastes, but it looks great lol. So I am down here at mom and dad for this weekend, and have Quinn and Sam in tow. Thomas just joined us and Stalle is invited for the feast. Not too many people, but just enough to make a party.  No stuffing on the table, only stuffing our stomaches. As always, I wish I could have the whole family here but oh well, one day perhaps. So what am I thankful for this year? Everything actually, I seem to have become more nostalgic and spiritual it seems… I am happy for the sun, heavens, moon, stars, earth in all its forms, life, animal of every kind, family, friends, children, love, silence, activity, etc… everything. From waking up to going to sleep, and even all the things that happen when I am not awake. I am thankful for all of it, grateful for every oppertunity to live and breathe… quite magical if you really think about it. Okay, enough mushy stuff. I have to prepare for the feast. I will try to snap a picture or two for you guys 🙂

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November 21, 2009 · No Comments

So it’s that day and all is well. Having a happy great awesome totally cool day far. Banana cake, cards, and presents. Sifts, mouse for the computer, kitchen thermometer, candle holder for the advent candles, a nice everlasting pointsettia 🙂 … very cool and very nice, and very happy. AND its Saturday too.

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It’s a waiting game….

November 17, 2009 · No Comments

So here I am sitting waiting for replies from job applications and submissions. Needless to say it is definitely starting to fray on my nerves. So what do I do, I bake bread. Must say that I did pretty good actually! At least it came out nice fluffy completely baked and not at all burnt. More then that I can’t ask for.

Today is Parent/Teacher conference at Quinn’s school. I am really excited about going and hearing how he is doing. As far as I know he is doing well, but you know how it is… they sometimes throw you a curve ball. Then after that I am heading over to Quinn’s daycare to help out a little bit.

My mom is doing awesome by the way. She is finally able to go exercise at that rehabilitation place, and she is taking full advantage. LOL she was kinda “forgetting” her cane last time I was down there, and for me that is a good sign kinda. I think that in a month we will have a new and improved Barbro on our hands, and we are gonna have to start keeping up with her. I am looking forward to the day I can go down there and my mom and I can walk to Starbucks and get a coffee together. Kinda silly but I am really really looking forward to it.

Almost my bday and almost Thanksgiving…. so again the time of year where you really should sit down and ponder the question “what are you thankful for?”.

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Halloween post

November 2, 2009 · No Comments

Happy Halloween (2 days late)

I did celebrate and so did the family. Quinn was a devil/demon for Halloween, and with great success. If I may say so, I did a really good job. Of course there was way too much candy (like always) and way to many cute kids out there.  Well here are some pics of Quinn…. enjoy.

Little Devil

Little Devil

Trick or Treat

(great bandana)

(great bandana)

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