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September 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

Well it’s been a while… horrible with keeping this thing up. But better late then never right lol. So as much as I wanna fill this post with awesome things that have happened that is not gonna happen. Neither will there be any juicy drama. Life is going okay. Family is happy. Kid is happy. Dog is happy. I am doing okay, still trying to find a balance physically with the lupus and stuff. As long as I am not getting worse then I am happy. Currently jobless which sucks. Job market is horrible right now also which don’t make things better. Got a job agency helping me out but there are still so many people out there looking for work. Q is back in school and thriving. Giving him more responsibilities this year and letting him take care of stuff  by himself. Realized that I am not doing him any favors by doing it for him and he needs those skills as he continues on. Lol besides, look at the person who took on the most responsibilities early on in life (==> Peter), so it must be good. That is all folks. Going to try to keep up on this a little more often again. Perhaps a reminder in my calendar once a week will be helpful. Happy awesome day from SoCal to all ya’ out there.

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