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November 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Hi all.  Sorry that it’s been a while. Guess I get extremely sidetracked sometimes. So here is the scoop. Got awesome job at a place called Boone Air Parts. Making enough to make life go around and am liking the type of work I do. Data entry for sales and purchasing never gets dull lol. Working with an awesome group of ladies. Happy to say that an estrogen office is actually less drama then a mixed one. There is an understanding, I guess that is the only way to explain it, to just get along… life is too short. Or perhaps it is the unique blend of personalities that are there. Love them all dearly and kinda feel like I can all of them my friends.

So health wise I am doing good. Got pills racked up for the lupus until the end of time it seems but I can live with that. I also started excluding anything gluten from my diet which has made major changes in the way I feel and live. Honestly don’t really miss too much of the bread and stuff. Do miss the soy though. Seems like most thing that I want to eat has soy in it, which has gluten (wheat) in it. Other then that I still have pancakes, bread, pizza, etc…. all gluten free of course. Takes some adjustment but well worth it.

Quinn is doing good in school and has adjusted fine to Santa Clarita. Realize though that we need to spend more time at home on the weekends. All this driving to mormor and morfar, and then to visit with daddy, just really sucks to the relax at home time. Know it will be good for Quinn too to stay at home and actually hang with the friends he has made in school. Xmas is coming up anyhow and he will be down with my parents for a few weeks.

That is really all that is new. Working on a tattoo idea by the way… not done yet with it. But once I am it will be going on my lower back/hip area or foot/ankle area. We shall see, we shall see… cause if it’s not “right” it wont be going anywhere on me. To all of ya’… LOVE.

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