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Too damn hot

July 17, 2010 · No Comments

So here in SoCal there is 3 digit temps and really high humidity. This equals not being able to do anything without being totally uncomfortable and sweating your ass off…. unless your IN the pool. We shall overcome and survive though.

I am happy to say that I just finished my FIRST week at work. Really awesome company called Boone Air Part, and one thing that makes it awesome is that all the people there are just great. Kinda an odd thing actually, having a whole group being able to get along so well. The atmosphere there is something I wish all the companies I have worked would have had, and quite honestly didn’t know existed until I met them all.  Anyhow, I am purchasing support and quite comfortable with what I am doing, just have to learn what they want me to do, why they want me to do it…. and then of course they how of the programs they use. The easiest is the obvious things like the system and procedures… the hard parts are the small things that you learn with time and experience. Trying to take notes of what everyone says just so I can stash it away for later.

Results are back in from the doctor also. Not good news, but at least a definite answer to what is going on with me. Which in turn equals a way to feel better. I have a mild case (very beginning stages) of Lupus. Also an auto-immune disease but different from Reumatiod Artheritis cause it affects the organs of the body (brain, liver, lungs, heart, etc.) rather then joints. However, it can and does affect other areas too. The medication I am taking greatly improves my over all  well being still. Doctor did tell me to start seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis cause the medication might affect my vision. Reading the med label it says “may cause blindness” …. great *sigh.

…. and now I am gonna go brave the day, and the 3 digit heat that it will involve.

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