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Almost summer break

June 3, 2010 · No Comments

WOW time flies…. it’s almost time for summer break . Friday the 11th marks the last day of school for Quinn. Peter, Erica, and Josse are coming in two weeks which is AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to hug everyone and just in general make sure that they know that I love ’em all. My condo still looks a mess but oh well, not much you can do when you don’t have no money. Got my reading/computer glasses finally. Have a stigmatism in my right eye that causes both of my eyes to work twice as hard, so¬† my eye doc gave me glasses for reading/computer just to help ease the stress. My visit to the RA doc went well. He said that the test that the first doc did is not very reliable but that all my symptoms point to a mild case of RA. He however wanted to run a few blood test just to make sure it actually is RA and not something else. He gave me some meds to help buffer my system from attacking itself, but it will take about two weeks before it has any effect. LOL and the “few” blood test was actually 9 vials filled to the top…. might as well have called it blood donation and given me some crackers and OJ after I was done. Anyhow, I am going back in a month to go through the results and to see if the meds helped. Tomorrow mom and dad are coming up here to pick up Quinn and to see him sing at his daycare….. then on Sunday me and Sam are going down there to pick up the fishies and bring them up here. They are currently in the room Peter and Erica are gonna sleep in and the aquarium kinda makes a lot of noise. Besides, they are way over due to move up here. The turtle is still down there but I almost hate bringing her with me up. I have no place to take her out and “grace” up here and almost feel that she would be better down there. Will have to take that up with mom and dad though. LOL my dad seems to like her though and makes sure she gets in/out every day.

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