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Another day …. and then some

February 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

So it has been much more interesting here with Nayeli in our lives. Many walks and many interesting little quirks that happen lol. She suffered from a cold (cough & runny nose) but has finally gotten over the most of it, and the better she gets the more playful she gets. They took the stitches out from fixing her today and that made me feel better, cause now I don’t feel that I have to watch her every second. I was gonna have her groomed today but they were really swamped, so I made an appointment for Wednesday (so keep a look out for some cute pics). We turned away disappointed but found that spending some fun time at the off-leash fenced dog park was just as rewarding.

Quinn was home sick today. It started yesterday with him not wanting to eat :0 and today the was still feeling kinda crappy. He did want to eat today though, orange chicken, icecream, cookies, and some hot cheetos. Whatever it was, it laid down Dad and Thomas too…. drinking tons of water and washing my hands myself here. The last thing I want is to get sick.

We finally bought tile YAY… flooring being installed this weekend. AWESOMENESS!!! Sooooooo, I think I feel pictures of the final results coming say no later then Monday ;). I am so looking forward to it. Everything hangs on having proper flooring. You can’t really have furniture in if you don’t have flooring, and even if you do it just doesn’t look right. Nomatter how you try to dress it up, cover it, or make it look nice anyhow… it still looks and feels like a construction zone. But this weekend and then no more MUHAHAHAHA.

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Meet Nayeli!!!

February 12th, 2010 · No Comments

We have a new member in the family as of today. Her name is Nayeli which means “I love you” in Zapotec, which is fitting cause we are adopting her in time for Valentines Day. This little girl actually comes with an interesting story kinda’. I have been wanting a dog for a while now and have been talking with Sam about it. So we were sitting talking about it on a Thursday afternoon and he said “We can’t get a dog yet”. “But you can’t say that, cause in a few days the ‘yet’ will have passed” I said, so Sam replied “Fine, we can’t get a dog for a month”. Mind you this is all being said in a very joking, lighthearted manner. So I strike really childish pose and and say “But, but, but… what if i find a dog?”, and Sam laughs and say “If you find a dog you can keep it”. The next day after dropping Quinn off at school I find this dog, Nayeli. Well, it was an interesting phone call I had to make to Sam… “Well hon, you are not gonna believe this but..” I took her to the shelter though, just to make sure she had every chance to find her owner. I even posted some sign around the area where I found her just to make sure. But nobody came to claim her… so today we took her home and made her a part of our family.


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L.A. Zoo

February 11th, 2010 · No Comments

So I am posting this way after the fact, but I still wanted to share. Mom, dad, Quinn, Sam and I all went to L.A. Zoo. It was my moms idea and I have to say it was a really good one (for once lol, jk). It was a great day for it too, not too hot and not too cold… but it was a loooooong walk for mom.  Quinn thought it was great, he got to see so many animals that he had never seen before. Needless to say he had fun.

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