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November 26th, 2009 · No Comments

So it’s that fantastic day of the year where Turkey has the center stage. Yummy food in every direction, and pies as far as the eye can see. In joyous inspiration I decided to bake…. two loafs of soft fluffy white bread, and a chocolate mocha cheesecake.  We will see how it all tastes, but it looks great lol. So I am down here at mom and dad for this weekend, and have Quinn and Sam in tow. Thomas just joined us and Stalle is invited for the feast. Not too many people, but just enough to make a party.  No stuffing on the table, only stuffing our stomaches. As always, I wish I could have the whole family here but oh well, one day perhaps. So what am I thankful for this year? Everything actually, I seem to have become more nostalgic and spiritual it seems… I am happy for the sun, heavens, moon, stars, earth in all its forms, life, animal of every kind, family, friends, children, love, silence, activity, etc… everything. From waking up to going to sleep, and even all the things that happen when I am not awake. I am thankful for all of it, grateful for every oppertunity to live and breathe… quite magical if you really think about it. Okay, enough mushy stuff. I have to prepare for the feast. I will try to snap a picture or two for you guys 🙂

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November 21st, 2009 · No Comments

So it’s that day and all is well. Having a happy great awesome totally cool day far. Banana cake, cards, and presents. Sifts, mouse for the computer, kitchen thermometer, candle holder for the advent candles, a nice everlasting pointsettia 🙂 … very cool and very nice, and very happy. AND its Saturday too.

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It’s a waiting game….

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments

So here I am sitting waiting for replies from job applications and submissions. Needless to say it is definitely starting to fray on my nerves. So what do I do, I bake bread. Must say that I did pretty good actually! At least it came out nice fluffy completely baked and not at all burnt. More then that I can’t ask for.

Today is Parent/Teacher conference at Quinn’s school. I am really excited about going and hearing how he is doing. As far as I know he is doing well, but you know how it is… they sometimes throw you a curve ball. Then after that I am heading over to Quinn’s daycare to help out a little bit.

My mom is doing awesome by the way. She is finally able to go exercise at that rehabilitation place, and she is taking full advantage. LOL she was kinda “forgetting” her cane last time I was down there, and for me that is a good sign kinda. I think that in a month we will have a new and improved Barbro on our hands, and we are gonna have to start keeping up with her. I am looking forward to the day I can go down there and my mom and I can walk to Starbucks and get a coffee together. Kinda silly but I am really really looking forward to it.

Almost my bday and almost Thanksgiving…. so again the time of year where you really should sit down and ponder the question “what are you thankful for?”.

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Halloween post

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Happy Halloween (2 days late)

I did celebrate and so did the family. Quinn was a devil/demon for Halloween, and with great success. If I may say so, I did a really good job. Of course there was way too much candy (like always) and way to many cute kids out there.  Well here are some pics of Quinn…. enjoy.

Little Devil

Little Devil

Trick or Treat

(great bandana)

(great bandana)

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