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September 2, 2011 · No Comments

Well it’s been a while… horrible with keeping this thing up. But better late then never right lol. So as much as I wanna fill this post with awesome things that have happened that is not gonna happen. Neither will there be any juicy drama. Life is going okay. Family is happy. Kid is happy. Dog is happy. I am doing okay, still trying to find a balance physically with the lupus and stuff. As long as I am not getting worse then I am happy. Currently jobless which sucks. Job market is horrible right now also which don’t make things better. Got a job agency helping me out but there are still so many people out there looking for work. Q is back in school and thriving. Giving him more responsibilities this year and letting him take care of stuff  by himself. Realized that I am not doing him any favors by doing it for him and he needs those skills as he continues on. Lol besides, look at the person who took on the most responsibilities early on in life (==> Peter), so it must be good. That is all folks. Going to try to keep up on this a little more often again. Perhaps a reminder in my calendar once a week will be helpful. Happy awesome day from SoCal to all ya’ out there.

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Jello world

November 30, 2010 · No Comments

Hi all.  Sorry that it’s been a while. Guess I get extremely sidetracked sometimes. So here is the scoop. Got awesome job at a place called Boone Air Parts. Making enough to make life go around and am liking the type of work I do. Data entry for sales and purchasing never gets dull lol. Working with an awesome group of ladies. Happy to say that an estrogen office is actually less drama then a mixed one. There is an understanding, I guess that is the only way to explain it, to just get along… life is too short. Or perhaps it is the unique blend of personalities that are there. Love them all dearly and kinda feel like I can all of them my friends.

So health wise I am doing good. Got pills racked up for the lupus until the end of time it seems but I can live with that. I also started excluding anything gluten from my diet which has made major changes in the way I feel and live. Honestly don’t really miss too much of the bread and stuff. Do miss the soy though. Seems like most thing that I want to eat has soy in it, which has gluten (wheat) in it. Other then that I still have pancakes, bread, pizza, etc…. all gluten free of course. Takes some adjustment but well worth it.

Quinn is doing good in school and has adjusted fine to Santa Clarita. Realize though that we need to spend more time at home on the weekends. All this driving to mormor and morfar, and then to visit with daddy, just really sucks to the relax at home time. Know it will be good for Quinn too to stay at home and actually hang with the friends he has made in school. Xmas is coming up anyhow and he will be down with my parents for a few weeks.

That is really all that is new. Working on a tattoo idea by the way… not done yet with it. But once I am it will be going on my lower back/hip area or foot/ankle area. We shall see, we shall see… cause if it’s not “right” it wont be going anywhere on me. To all of ya’… LOVE.

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Too damn hot

July 17, 2010 · No Comments

So here in SoCal there is 3 digit temps and really high humidity. This equals not being able to do anything without being totally uncomfortable and sweating your ass off…. unless your IN the pool. We shall overcome and survive though.

I am happy to say that I just finished my FIRST week at work. Really awesome company called Boone Air Part, and one thing that makes it awesome is that all the people there are just great. Kinda an odd thing actually, having a whole group being able to get along so well. The atmosphere there is something I wish all the companies I have worked would have had, and quite honestly didn’t know existed until I met them all.  Anyhow, I am purchasing support and quite comfortable with what I am doing, just have to learn what they want me to do, why they want me to do it…. and then of course they how of the programs they use. The easiest is the obvious things like the system and procedures… the hard parts are the small things that you learn with time and experience. Trying to take notes of what everyone says just so I can stash it away for later.

Results are back in from the doctor also. Not good news, but at least a definite answer to what is going on with me. Which in turn equals a way to feel better. I have a mild case (very beginning stages) of Lupus. Also an auto-immune disease but different from Reumatiod Artheritis cause it affects the organs of the body (brain, liver, lungs, heart, etc.) rather then joints. However, it can and does affect other areas too. The medication I am taking greatly improves my over all  well being still. Doctor did tell me to start seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis cause the medication might affect my vision. Reading the med label it says “may cause blindness” …. great *sigh.

…. and now I am gonna go brave the day, and the 3 digit heat that it will involve.

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Almost summer break

June 3, 2010 · No Comments

WOW time flies…. it’s almost time for summer break . Friday the 11th marks the last day of school for Quinn. Peter, Erica, and Josse are coming in two weeks which is AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to hug everyone and just in general make sure that they know that I love ’em all. My condo still looks a mess but oh well, not much you can do when you don’t have no money. Got my reading/computer glasses finally. Have a stigmatism in my right eye that causes both of my eyes to work twice as hard, so  my eye doc gave me glasses for reading/computer just to help ease the stress. My visit to the RA doc went well. He said that the test that the first doc did is not very reliable but that all my symptoms point to a mild case of RA. He however wanted to run a few blood test just to make sure it actually is RA and not something else. He gave me some meds to help buffer my system from attacking itself, but it will take about two weeks before it has any effect. LOL and the “few” blood test was actually 9 vials filled to the top…. might as well have called it blood donation and given me some crackers and OJ after I was done. Anyhow, I am going back in a month to go through the results and to see if the meds helped. Tomorrow mom and dad are coming up here to pick up Quinn and to see him sing at his daycare….. then on Sunday me and Sam are going down there to pick up the fishies and bring them up here. They are currently in the room Peter and Erica are gonna sleep in and the aquarium kinda makes a lot of noise. Besides, they are way over due to move up here. The turtle is still down there but I almost hate bringing her with me up. I have no place to take her out and “grace” up here and almost feel that she would be better down there. Will have to take that up with mom and dad though. LOL my dad seems to like her though and makes sure she gets in/out every day.

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Some eclipse (and some light)

May 10, 2010 · No Comments

Just had to share this here…. way funny

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Got an appointment to see a specialist on June 2nd for the RA thing. Hoping that it will give me more information on stuff. Lol, Sam has tons of questions and he is going with me just in case. Kinda like that he does cause I tend to ‘forget’ to ask stuff when I am there.

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Official notice

May 3, 2010 · No Comments

I have tested positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Kinda’ a shock… my first thought was “but that’s an old persons disease”, but it’s not. It’s tends to be crippling without treatment, with hands/feet that curl in on themselves in and fingers/toes that curl in different directions. Sounds scary, looks scary, and I am quite honestly freaking out a little bit right now. Not that freaking out will help. Gonna go and get a second opinion, a second test, and get the ball rolling. I will keep ya’ all posted. Tomorrow is Sam’s birthday. He is getting the traditional wake up with a banana cake and presents. Will see if I can snap some embarrassing pics to share with the world :D…. until then HUGZ

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As promised…

April 23, 2010 · No Comments

Here are some new pictures of a clean Nayeli. Just to add that Quinn is still home sick. First a sore throat and fever, now he has come down with an ear infection so I am taking him to a doctor today. Just gotta find a doctor that can take him today *sigh.

An aquaintance of mine and a friend of mom, Sheryl has passed away from a massive stroke. Her eternally positive attitude and contagious smile will be sorely missed by all that knew her. She was truly an inspiration of positive attitude. She always had a kind word, a friendly gesture, and a hug to share. You will be missed Sheryl. I wish I had a picture to share with you guys, but unfortunately I don’t.

In addition… Daddy, Cesar Millan’s rock solid right hand dog passed away on February 19th. My heart goes out to the Millan family, and my sincerest gratitude that they shared him with us. Daddy was an inspiration and a spokes dog for all pitbulls out there. He will be missed by millions of people around the world.

Daddy and Cesar

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Another day …. and then some

February 22, 2010 · No Comments

So it has been much more interesting here with Nayeli in our lives. Many walks and many interesting little quirks that happen lol. She suffered from a cold (cough & runny nose) but has finally gotten over the most of it, and the better she gets the more playful she gets. They took the stitches out from fixing her today and that made me feel better, cause now I don’t feel that I have to watch her every second. I was gonna have her groomed today but they were really swamped, so I made an appointment for Wednesday (so keep a look out for some cute pics). We turned away disappointed but found that spending some fun time at the off-leash fenced dog park was just as rewarding.

Quinn was home sick today. It started yesterday with him not wanting to eat :0 and today the was still feeling kinda crappy. He did want to eat today though, orange chicken, icecream, cookies, and some hot cheetos. Whatever it was, it laid down Dad and Thomas too…. drinking tons of water and washing my hands myself here. The last thing I want is to get sick.

We finally bought tile YAY… flooring being installed this weekend. AWESOMENESS!!! Sooooooo, I think I feel pictures of the final results coming say no later then Monday ;). I am so looking forward to it. Everything hangs on having proper flooring. You can’t really have furniture in if you don’t have flooring, and even if you do it just doesn’t look right. Nomatter how you try to dress it up, cover it, or make it look nice anyhow… it still looks and feels like a construction zone. But this weekend and then no more MUHAHAHAHA.

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Meet Nayeli!!!

February 12, 2010 · No Comments

We have a new member in the family as of today. Her name is Nayeli which means “I love you” in Zapotec, which is fitting cause we are adopting her in time for Valentines Day. This little girl actually comes with an interesting story kinda’. I have been wanting a dog for a while now and have been talking with Sam about it. So we were sitting talking about it on a Thursday afternoon and he said “We can’t get a dog yet”. “But you can’t say that, cause in a few days the ‘yet’ will have passed” I said, so Sam replied “Fine, we can’t get a dog for a month”. Mind you this is all being said in a very joking, lighthearted manner. So I strike really childish pose and and say “But, but, but… what if i find a dog?”, and Sam laughs and say “If you find a dog you can keep it”. The next day after dropping Quinn off at school I find this dog, Nayeli. Well, it was an interesting phone call I had to make to Sam… “Well hon, you are not gonna believe this but..” I took her to the shelter though, just to make sure she had every chance to find her owner. I even posted some sign around the area where I found her just to make sure. But nobody came to claim her… so today we took her home and made her a part of our family.


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L.A. Zoo

February 11, 2010 · No Comments

So I am posting this way after the fact, but I still wanted to share. Mom, dad, Quinn, Sam and I all went to L.A. Zoo. It was my moms idea and I have to say it was a really good one (for once lol, jk). It was a great day for it too, not too hot and not too cold… but it was a loooooong walk for mom.  Quinn thought it was great, he got to see so many animals that he had never seen before. Needless to say he had fun.

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