Today I enabled 2-step verification in Google Apps

Today I enabled 2-step verification in Google Apps. This means that if you want to you can use 2 factor authentication when logging in to Google Apps services such as GMail. You can’t force your users to use 2-step verification, they must opt-in themselves.

Anyway, I did opt-in with my account and downloaded the Google Authenticator to my Android that is used for generating codes. It all work well and now I’m using 2-factor authentication for my Google account.

I am now able to see Gmail Labs in my Google Apps mail account.

I found out today that GMail labs is available in my Google Apps mail account. Take a look in Settings | [Labs] and youy will find a bunch of cool labs. If you can’t see them, ask your admin to enable New Services and Features in the Google Apps control panel.

Hmmm, still waiting for Google Labs, such as Google Reader etc. Maybe Santa will bring those features 😉

Google Labs is available in Google Apps (partly)

Today I discovered that Google Labs is available for Google Apps. I’m not sure, perhaps this has been available for a while without my knowledge. Today there are three products available.

  • Google Moderator – Google Moderator makes it easy to gather and prioritize questions or opinions on any topic from a group of people.